Lost on Confusion avenue. 

Have you ever found yourself in the zone listening to your music, imagining what your life would be like if it were about that one specific song? And you catch yourself smiling like the guy you want to marry makes your heart and stomach flutter? As I was riding on the airplane yesterday, I was listening to my Spotify playlist called “Love” and all the songs playing I couldn’t help but catch myself in those moments where I was imagining scenarios from the songs that were playing… have you ever heard of that saying┬á“It’s a blessing and a curse to feel everything, oh so deeply”
I started crying because, man. Do I feel something good happening inside me, but it scares the heck outta me to feel something like this. I guess I’m scared because every time I’ve confronted this feeling or whatever it is, I have been turned away, and turned down. Yes, no one likes rejection, but when it happens more often than normal… You start to think that it might be your fault, and your problem. You’re just not good enough. You’re not what they’re looking for, or they have found someone perfect better. You wouldn’t think I would be that type of person to be so insecure when it comes to that. But yet, here I am. So as I was crying I started praying that it would happen, that every scenario would come true. How amazing would that be? I can’t even… I get so excited, then those insecurities come back creeping in on your joy. It’s hard not to listen to them when the person you’re thinking of, doesn’t show the same kind of affection as you do. Or at least you think. As a woman, I tend to overthink things. That’s normal, but what is it about woman that we’re so insecure and we need validation. Is it a sign of weakness? I personally feel like it is. I could be wrong. As long as I can remember, I wanted to be needy, but haven’t wanted to seem needy. Y’all get me? I’m at a crossroads where, should I follow through with those feelings? The feeling of my heart fluttering along with my stomach. I can definitely understand why men say woman are so indecisive. We really are, like I want to be needy but I also don’t want to feel like I need validation from this person who makes me feel so special. He’s really helped me feel worthy again. For the longest time, I’ve felt unworthy, unlovable, unlike able even.

Now I’ve realized I don’t need that validation though, because it has always been in me the whole time.

I’m figuring out a lot about myself these past couple of months.

First, my attitude needs to change, like yesterday… It’s been making it uneasy to be around some people because they can’t handle my attitude and it’s been making me feel like I am not a good person to be around and in fact a difficult person to be around. I don’t want to be known as someone who some people just cannot tolerate because of how nasty my attitude is. Which I am basically already there.

Second, I am one of the most needy people I’ve ever met especially with people that I like and care for so much. Not necessarily in a romantic way, but even with my best friends. It’s honestly a little pathetic and I have definitely got to take a step back or find someone who feels the same way, romantically or platonic. Whichever comes first.

Third, some things about my personality… I feel like it’s too easy for me to be able to drop someone so easily, if they’ve done me wrong in a huge way, that’s it. You’re done. And I can move on like there’s no tomorrow which makes me a little uneasy, and especially want to watch my patience on my end because what if it is something that I’ll regret getting mad over? What will I do then if I want to go back and apologize for overreacting and they want absolutely do not want anything to do with me. I would feel silly and embarrassed that I was so quick to just turn around and walk away.

Fourth, it scares me that I can be so trusting and so involved in someone whom I don’t know completely. It scares me but at the same time it’s kind of exciting. It’s never been like this before and it has had me really vulnerable lately which isn’t a good feeling for me. I’ve never been one to show vulnerability and look like I need help and attention. It’s very different for me. This feeling and everything, it’s almost like I crave that feeling now. It’s like if I don’t have it, I gotta have it type of thing. To be honest this is new territory for me and I hope and pray that they are patient with me. I would honestly be crushed if it turned out that all of this was some sort of joke and everything. This is all just some sort of confusing and unknown territory for me. I’m not sure what to do or where to go.

Life is all about a learning process and I feel like I’m still in school because of the learning part. With all the relationships (romantic & platonic) I feel like I put in more effort than I should and it’s making me feel like a needy person and that I need to back off. Which would not be a bad idea if we’re being honest.

All Heroes Please Apply… Again.

Ladies and gentleman, I’m feeling a whole lot better than I was yesterday and a few days ago. I seriously am doing better, I’m not 100% better, but who really is after a few days? I am accepting that not everyone likes me and that I do in fact need to change my attitude. So that’s where I’m at. I’m accepting that God needs to change me and has been changing me through a very long and a very hard process. I ultimately just need positive vibes, and prayers y’all. Mine and my sisters relationship is awful right now and it’s tearing me apart. I honestly feel like it’s all my fault. I hate it because I cannot change who I am over night, and I feel as though she’s expecting me to change as fast as she has apparently. I genuinely see that she doesn’t like me. I feel bad, and I wish I could change my attitude but I cannot, not over night at least. I’ve been praying, praying, praying about this situation for a long time and I need God to intercede at this point, I no longer have control over this. I wish and I hope and pray that one day we can get along and just put up with each other and just deal with the fact that we are family and we will have to deal with each other and just get over the stuff we don’t like about each other. I feel like an awful person because of this and maybe I am. I just want this all to die down because it’s been a long 11 months with our relationship being so awful.

This has got to change and it will change. I’m sick of feeling like this and it’s got to stop! I’ve had enough. It’ll get better from here on out. It has to.

I do not like who I am…

A lot of things have been coming up about the fact that I can in fact be a rude person.

My sister’s boyfriend/man whatever I don’t even care, he came to visit recently, and my little cousin was “bragging” about the fact that she’s the favorite out of the family, she is his favorite. Which is fine, I don’t care about that part, I care about him thinking he knows me completely and judging me based on my attitude. I had said to my lil cousin that I said “I don’t think he likes me” and she said “why?” and I said it probably has to do with my attitude and she said “Yeah I know he told me” -_- awesome. He has only known me for a minute, and judging me based off a week? HA. Well okay. Another thing, I bet my sister J has told him about the times we’ve gotten into arguments and I’m sure she’s blind to what she’s done to me as well. That’s not the point, but it’s kind of important, because I feel like if she knew every thing going on in my head, what I think, what I feel, she’d think differently of me. I got treated horribly while growing up. I am the youngest out of the sisters I grew up with and usually the youngest is the most spoiled, most paid attention too… But… Not in my house growing up. I always had to accommodate to them. It was always about what they wanted and needed. I was always brushed aside. That part, I don’t really mind. But the part that bothers me the most is how I was treated. Please… Spare me the “well they aren’t the same, you can’t hold that against them” if you haven’t been in this type of situation, spare me that argument please. I was always, always told I was the annoying little sister and that I should just go away… Now once, twice, fine… Brat. Continuously? It mentally messes with your head and you’re always cautious about what you need to say or what you need to do next to make sure you can continue to talk to them without feeling like you’re a nuisance and that everyone would be better off without me. I was honestly like wondering what happened to my sister J today to see if anything in particular was annoying her because her vibes sucked to be honest I didn’t want to be around her because her attitude was real. “Yes I’m fine” the way it was worded, I don’t think so. “You can have an attitude every other day but when I do, it’s not okay…” Uhm, no, if I’m having an attitude call me out on it. I don’t care. I’ll check myself, and try and knock it off. You see… Every time someone is UPSET in my family, THAT’S when the truth comes out. Never when they’re thinking about it without any emotions, just thinking about what’s bothering them. If they’re having a bad day, don’t piss them off because then they’ll either tell you, you have a bad attitude (which has already been eating at me for basically my whole life…) OR the fact that I’m a lazy bum who just sits at home all day. Or, the fact that (they haven’t been communicating to me AT ALL about what they feel like I need to do) they get upset about asking for my trust fund money and say I should’ve had a job so I can “spend my own damn money.”┬áNow please, I know I need a job and I have not been under any circumstances thought I am entitled to living off of my other sister R and my mom… I just have been scared because my last experience… I’m bothered by a few things…

ONE: The truth has only been coming out only when they are having a bad day or a bad attitude and you catch them at a bad time, BAM. They don’t like you because of this… Coming out of the blue. Basically slapping you in the face with their feelings.

TWO: I’m bothered by the fact that I’m nervous about my feelings towards them. At this point, the way I’ve been treated lately… I would be fine if I didn’t see them or talk to them again. I love them, I’ll keep praying for them, hope they do well and stay well, but I don’t need people in my life who make me feel like I am crap and who won’t talk to me about what bothers them until they have a bad moment. I sound heartless, careless, but ya know what, after having such a big heart and wanting and needing my family’s approval on myself and being treated horribly and also treating them horribly not gonna lie, but my attitude is solely based off of how I was treated, and I am trying to change that. Don’t think I am okay with this feeling because I absolutely hate this feeling… I’m just looking out for myself. If they can’t handle my attitude and my setbacks, it’s time for me to go to keep the peace.

THREE: The fact that I hate myself as it is, but to have my family and my family’s people think the same thing about myself as I think of myself… SUCKS… I am basically am back to where I started on how I feel about myself and I’m ready to get out of here. I feel hopeless and I feel horrible. Flynn has been wanting me to go see him and I’m going to go see him if we’re still on good terms in the fall, because I unfortunately have a busy summer and can’t go this summer. If all works out, screw it… I’m leaving and moving there. I’ll be okay leaving everything behind except my other cousin and her baby, my niece, and my cat. My cousin with the baby; she’s literally the only person that loves me for me and doesn’t care about my attitude and just deals with me and I appreciate her so much for that. She doesn’t say anything that makes me feel bad about myself, doesn’t make me question if I like myself and probably withholds information she hears about me that people say about my attitude, that she knows would break my heart and still loves me.

Treat your family with respect, appreciate them & let them know you appreciate them. Be honest with your family even if it will or would be awkward for you. Who cares? Clear the air. Don’t let clouds hang around you and your family just because of one small issue that can be solved over an awkward conversation. I’m ready to “re” start my life and meet new people, find new friends and meet Flynn, to be honest I wasn’t ready to take on life until I met him, he kind of just brings it out of me. I’m ready for a new state of mind. I’m ready for a new job. I’m ready for new feelings and new memories and new experiences. I’m ready for a new state, a new town and a new city. I’m ready to start my life and start living how I want to live it. I’m done with all of this crap and ready for new beginnings.

I’m just ready.

Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves. – Henry David Thoreau

Dear past, Thank you for your lessons. Dear Future, I’m ready. Dear God, Thank you for another chance.

Assumptions are bogus…

I had a learning experience today, I ain’t going into detail because I’m embarrassed. Basically I assumed something and I was proven wrong. Which I’m glad I’m wrong, but I was honestly was just looking out for myself and making sure that this person and I were on the same page. SO, on that note, if you’re one who makes assumptions… DON’T. Ask out of curiosity, or just say “Hey clear this up for me.”

I also had a rough encounter with my mom as well. Yes, you guessed it… It has to do with the fact that I don’t have a job. There’s no excuse… I’ve just been scared that the last job I had would be similar to my new experience at another one. At my last job, almost every day I was thrown under the bus by a coworker who had it out for me. They did not like me and they let me know it. I mistakenly fed that nasty spirit and it bit both of us in the butt. I’ve been nervous about the fact that there might be another person at a new job. That’s why. I had an interesting night… God is still good, and I hope y’all had a good night.

Feelings and risks are uncharted territories for me.

Not going to lie, this will be difficult for me to get this across. I will do my best.

I basically am at a weird point where I feel like I don’t want to bother anyone but then again I want to bother everyone I love and care about so much, but… I don’t want to be annoying and needy. Sometimes people mistake my bugging them with like a case of obsession or being super needy. ┬áI am 100% convinced I am going to die alone. Legit convinced no one is going to be able to handle the fact that I talk… A LOT. I just love talking to people and talking. That’s why if I ain’t on my phone talking to someone, texting someone, messaging someone, I am talking out loud. Has anyone else ever felt like this? I’m sure but every time I try and talk about that, everyone’s like “No you’re good” but then turns around and starts acting all weird and standoffish. It’s a confusing world we live in y’all. I honestly hope this feeling goes away and I grow to learn to stop talking to everyone on my contact list (not really, I’m just being dramatic) and be at peace with not talking, and just leave everything be. Maybe some day I’ll get to that point and I hope that someday is someday soon. I want to stop feeling insecure but secure at the same time which makes me feel even more insecure. It’s been a very confusing few months for me to be honest. Especially ever since I’ve started talking to Flynn. This has never happened to me and it’s quite annoying to be honest, not him… No. Just how secure and insecure I feel at the same time. I want to bug the crap out of him, but then… I don’t want to bug the crap out of him. I’m still trying to figure him out, and figure myself out in this whole thing because I haven’t let myself fully like someone this much, like ever. Which also brings up a lot of other things. It’s different for me to be and act like this, like I’m a girl yes I get boy crazy, but no, this is something completely different for me. Uncharted territory for me, that’s for sure. All I ask is for patience, understanding and honesty. I’m honestly a little scared because I’ve grown to like him a lot… Which is odd for me, and I have a lot riding on this. Yes, life is about taking risks and risks can end with rejection, hurt, pain & heartbreak, but man, the feeling that comes with this specific type of risk, if I gotta hurt, give me hurt. Give me pain. Yes I hope I grow in this but, I wouldn’t trade my caring for him for anything. Bring it.

People pleasers are often the unhappy ones.

Last night I had a revelation┬áabout why I wear what I wear. I only┬áwear skirts and dresses and it was from the help of someone very dear and important to me helped me realize that I need to wear what I want to wear not according to what everyone else wants me to wear. I have been doing so out of obligation and to please other people and to also was hiding my body behind that so men can’t look at me in a lustful way. When I was 14, I would always wear skinny jeans and forgive me if I don’t explain this well enough, but I was at a small party and this older guy who was 25, helped himself to grope me and feel up not only my butt, but also my vagina. So I then began to watch what I wore from then on but I didn’t start wearing skirts and dresses only until like two years ago. I was doing so because┬á I am leader in our church here in my lil home town and┬áI was just doing it because it was out of obligation of everyone else and to hide behind them so that men can’t lust after me. I want to start dressing how I want to dress for myself and for God and no one else, not to hide behind them, not to make anyone else happy. I really appreciate Flynn being there and spending so much time and effort to tell me that I need to stop being a people pleaser┬ábecause┬áit’s been┬ámaking me so┬áunhappy. And he said I need to start doing┬áthings┬áthat make me happy. So Therefore I have come to the┬áconclusion that people who are people pleasers are the unhappy ones. And I can testify to that.┬áSo I am going to stop doing what everyone else wants┬áme to do and start doing what I want to do and dress how I want to dress. Not accommodate to┬áhow everyone else wants me to act and how everyone else wants┬áme to talk. I have been doing so much for everyone┬áelse and been trying to make everyone else happy┬áto where I was pouring my cup and filled┬áeveryone else’s and now mine is empty and I have nothing to keep myself happy┬áand sustained and taken care of mentally and keeping myself taken care of. I am so grateful for that revelation and him taking all the time and effort to just to say all of that for over an hour just so that he can make sure I’m happy. I love the fact that I now will do what I want according to me and God and no one else.

You’ve spent so much time making everyone else happy, you forgot to ask if there was anything making you happy.

Hey, guys, it’s been awhile.

As many of you know that I kept saying in my previous blog entries, I’ve been needing to hang out with people and an old friend hit me up the other night when I sent like 5 Snapchats saying “I’m. Having. A. Crappy. Night” they were all separate. He was like “Let’s go for a drive” we’ve been chilling ever since which has been really good for me. Then last Friday we went to a bonfire too, his name Jorge by the way. We met up with my sister, cousin and Marika! I also saw a good friend of mine, his name is Dale and we caught up a little bit after that and we have a lot of history but we cleared the air and everything which I’m glad we did so. I’ve also been hanging out with my old childhood best friend Marika (but she just moved back home) and an old friend Mike! We all just were driving around hanging out and we also went to the shooting range. I’ll post a few photos! Anyways, my sister J also just got back into town with her boyfriend. He’s meeting the family this week but leaves in the morning. Which no offense I’m kind of glad because I won’t have to be their third wheel anymore. I’ve been having some friendship issues and everything ever since I’ve gotten busy which kinda sucks. It is what it is. I’ve been having a good week & I ain’t letting anything take that away from me. This past year has been hell, and I’m done having a crappy year, and these friends have been helping me with that.┬áI’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to have enough energy to keep up with this and my blog entries. Most of them would probably be short and sweet. Oh another thing is I caught up with my best friend Summer whom I haven’t seen or talked to in like almost a year. It was so good catching up with her and talking with her again. I’ve missed her dearly and I hope we can continue to talk more and more. I’ve been having so much fun and I hope it continues! I’ve made new best friends and have reconnected with old ones.

Happiness is meeting an old friend after a long time… and feeling nothing has changed.

Yesterdays news is today’s troubles.

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me, I got coffee with an old friend from school, we caught up on a lot of things and it was like we never stopped talking which was a good feeling. Then I saw that my best friends grandpas shop is open which she runs it now so I stopped in to say hi which turned into me staying until 5 in the afternoon. I haven’t seen her in a very long time which sucked but it was like our conversation was full of love and nothing but good vibes. Overall I had a really good day. But Summer (the one who runs the shop) she told me she ran into my mom at my moms work and apparently in response to Summer’s question of “How’s Mychal doing?” was a little uncomfortable for Summer. There was a little bit of attitude in my mothers response which made my best friend question if there was anything going on between my mother and I. So… Here it is… I haven’t had a job in a year, but to be fair, my mom didn’t ask me for rent, has not asked me to get a job. She hasn’t been communicating with me at all about needing to contribute to the household. And let’s not forget that she took quite a bit of money out of my trust fund over a month ago for her truck. Behind. My. Back. So there’s some tension between us. Her going behind my back about my trust fund money. Her wanting me to get a job, to help contribute. Luckily I’m leaving soon. Apparently not soon enough. I’m just so sick of NO COMMUNICATION. I did tell her that she needs to TALK TO ME. And not everyone else and not just bottle everything in. I’ve been feeling like I’m a failure and that I’m just a bum. It’s not a good feeling. But to also feel that coming from your own mother? Even worse. It certainly doesn’t help that she doesn’t communicate these feelings either. I’ve been saying for years now, IF YOU DON’T HAVE COMMUNICATION, YOU WON’T HAVE ANYTHING. Communication is the key to life. Your job will require it, your relationships with friends and family and your babe. If you don’t have communication, then what are you doing? I’m just needing that superhero to swoop in and whisk me off my feet and take care of me. All heroes, please apply.┬á┬áThere are two cruise ships in today┬áso my service on my cell is completely dead. Which is good because I told myself last night, because everyone was MIA. Which is kind weird, because it makes me feel like I got too much time on my hands. Anyways, I told myself last night, if people wanted to get a hold of me, they’d go out of there way to do so. That’s where I’m at. We’ll see who does go out of their way to try and get a hold me and who doesn’t.┬á

I need to stop thinking life is so awful and so dreadful because it’s not. I’m going to start handling everything as I should. Drinking my coffee and handling everything like a boss.

Honesty is the best policy.

I’m back at it again with the thoughts that have been haunting me for over two years now. I have no idea what to do with my life. I’m sort of in a tough pickle right now dealing with going to see my best friend, I should’ve left two weeks ago when I could’ve. I am not currently working so I’m basically living off my mother and sister. I feel embarrassed and pathetic. I was never pushed or motivated in the right directions on what to do with my life and my future. I’m stuck, and in a very awkward place. I have two trips coming up this summer and want to add another one to go see a new found friend that I’m dying to see. UGH. So basically, I could have left here to go further up north to see my best friend, but my sister wanted me to stay for her man coming up from their college to meet the family. I am beyond stressed out with trying to plan out my future. There’s this camp thing at the end of June that I’ll be going too as well, I’d only have a month or so to get a job and only get two paychecks for my time there. Maybe I will just stay in up there then fly to where my “brother” is in August. Maybe that’s what I’ll do. I don’t know. Then I have to come back home because I depart from here down to Indiana for my big trip at the end of July. I’d only have a job for like two and a half months. That’d be like four and half paychecks. I’m stressing, I’m stressing big time…. Again, if you pray, please pray for me my name is Mychal pronounced (My-kell). If you don’t, well, root for me through the computer screen… Another thing that’s bothering me is all the attention I think I need. I just crave it and I hate that about myself. I seriously feel bad for the guy who I end up with if I ever get a guy to settle down. I’m going to need all the attention in the world or want to be left alone. No in between. Like ugh. Sometimes I think there’s a lot wrong with me. But I have been talking to a few people about that and they have been giving me peace of mind about that and that I’m single and it’s okay as long as I’m not toying with people’s emotions which I haven’t been, they’ve just been extra friendly. There’s one particular person whose attention I do want though. I talked to him today about how I’m feeling with all of this him mostly. That’s the thing about me, when I get fed up with life, I mean I’m already a pretty honest person, but when life just is handing me too much the stuff I think just kind of pours out. We got on that subject of me being honest when it gets like this I become┬ásuper honest. I mentioned that if I were to be honest more so than I already am, my mother would kick me out, I’d be homeless and I’d be left high and dry and he would run away from me. He got nosy and said “I wanna know why I would run away from you”

So I was straight up with him about almost everything. He’s never a serious guy, so I know he doesn’t like talking about serious things. Every time something serious comes up, it turns into a joke and he avoids the subject, which is fine I don’t mind, it’s just kind of his defense mechanism. He’s dealt with a lot and has seen a lot. But it’s just I’ve been keeping a lot in about the serious stuff and I was honest with him. He. Still. Hasn’t. Replied. I’m low-key freaking out because honestly, the best thing that has happened to me, except finding God. He’s very important to me and I care a lot about this guy and hope & pray he doesn’t go running, that’ll crush me if he does, but if it does, the heartbreak would be worth it. I’m not in love, no. But my heart is invested, my thoughts are invested. Everything going so smoothly with this though, and the feelings and our flirting. It’s never happened to me. We’ve both have said that same thing and he said he hasn’t like anyone for 6 years. It’s something else to think that you’ve changed that persons mind. He does care about me oh and he loved the poem I sent him. So there’s that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME THOUGH, I shouldn’t need this much attention from one guy. But I crave it. Is that silly? I hope not. So the feelings of pathetic can go away.