Remember how I was saying that I was so unhappy and that I needed to get away from home? Well I’m happier now. I’ve met great new people and I’ve grown closer with those I would never have guessed. Back in the month of January, I was battling depression and thoughts of suicide. I’ve had two important people tell me that they’ve watched me go from hurt to seeing such a beautiful change in me and they knew or I had told them I was hurting… I don’t feel the need to look to anyone for attention now. Attention is nice, I mean what girl/woman doesn’t like getting attention? But I do not long for that anymore. I’ve been so happy, nothing is going to change that. Maybe a few things here and there, but God is going to restore that peace and joy that I need. I’ve recently come to realize that not everyone is gonna have your back about what you want in life, or certain feelings you have they might not support that was one or the things that has hurt the passed couple days, but I’m not gonna let it hold me back. I’ve recently just got out of this thing that is called Youth Camp and Family Camp. Its where my church organization comes together throughout AK gather for special services. It was completely life changing. I got exactly what I needed from there. I was hurting before. I needed comfort and peace in my mind. I was battling day in and day out about whatever the devil was throwing at me. I was doing that all by myself which wasn’t healthy. I didn’t have God in that equation. Which left room for the devil to keep creeping into my head. I was also feeling really insecure about a certain someone wasn’t talking to me and it wasn’t really starting to get to me. Now I’ve just learned to let things go. They’re going through some heavy personal stuff and I needed to learn that it’s nothing personal. Just that I can do what I can do to be there. Be an ear to listen. I love how much I’ve grown and how far I’ve come in just a few short weeks. All for the better. I aspire to be all that I can for God and I can only take on step at a time.
Micah 6:7 rejoice not against oh mine enemy, for when I fall I shall arise.
When I fall, I’m going to get back up.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future”

Perhaps this is the moment for which you were made. Esther 4:14

I aspire to be the woman that a man is praying for. I aspire to be what God has called me to be. I aspire to be that good friend that’s always there when they’re needed. I aspire to be someone anyone can turn to and rely on. I aspire to be that young lady all the elders compliment on her manners & anointing God has given her. I want g the devil go know who I am and want to run me off this earth. I ain’t stopping till I am all these things. I wanna inspire someone who is lost and can’t see a way up, but when I’m around all they see is a hand reaching out for them with a helping hand.



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