I’ve been at a loss of words these past few days ever since I left home. I’m not sure it it’s because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to write words down or what. But man has it been a busy few days. I’ve been on the go since the beginning of the month and it’s only going to get busier. 

It’s been really interesting dealing and interacting with different people these past couple weeks ever since I came further up north. I even found a wound on my arm that I have no idea where it came from and it means I ain’t got no time for the small stuff, or do I? Sometimes people over look the small little bruises on their legs and big wounds on their arms that hurts when you touch it. I remember why I got it now though, it was from playing frisbee and I got a little too aggressive with my best buddy and we got in the way of each other. It feels good to have wounds and bruises from stuff like that because it means I’m not just sitting around the house doing nothing and not adventuring or doing spontaneous stuff that will make my life more fun than it is. Either people sweat the small stuff that doesn’t matter or let go of the big stuff that does matter. I choose not to let the small stuff get to me, and let the big things in life and little things in life that are usually looked over that I choose to recognize. 

I was one of those people a few weeks ago that was just hating life and wasn’t seeing the point to it and wasn’t willing to do anything to take my own life but accepted whatever happened, happened, like I’d be okay if I died. Now… I’ve met people I don’t miss out on knowing and I’ve grown close with people I don’t want to live without. I love my life. And I am not one who says that just to take it lightly… I say that as someone who hasn’t been looking at life the best way that she could. She was actually hating it and didn’t want it to continue any longer just a few short months ago… I am am overcomer. I have taken control over those voices and thoughts in my head and have become truly and genuinely happy which has been on my bucket list. 

Life is too short so sweat the small stuff, and life is too short to forget the little things that make you happy. The devil has tried to stomp on me and my happy life, but guess who just got back up and is ready to fight for my life and my happiness? This girl. I’m definitely ready to win this fight, get ready to watch me win this war, ladies and gentlemen. I have determination like I’ve never had before and I am ready to fight. Now remember, love your friends, compliment someone, give someone you love a hug. Cherish the little things that make you happy and appreciate the big stuff that makes you happy. That’s all for today folks. I might be too busy trying to participate, until next time. 

I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me. – Unknown 

Now this may seem small to you but there’s a couple of photos that I absolutely adore and they’re taken by a couple of my favorite people… I am so genuinely happy in these pictures and they’re both captured in the moment. That doesn’t happen often for me, being happy in the moment. But one person in particular has inspired me to look at life in a different light by just being who they are. I am ever so grateful for this feeling and I strive to never let it go away.


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