I had a learning experience today, I ain’t going into detail because I’m embarrassed. Basically I assumed something and I was proven wrong. Which I’m glad I’m wrong, but I was honestly was just looking out for myself and making sure that this person and I were on the same page. SO, on that note, if you’re one who makes assumptions… DON’T. Ask out of curiosity, or just say “Hey clear this up for me.”

I also had a rough encounter with my mom as well. Yes, you guessed it… It has to do with the fact that I don’t have a job. There’s no excuse… I’ve just been scared that the last job I had would be similar to my new experience at another one. At my last job, almost every day I was thrown under the bus by a coworker who had it out for me. They did not like me and they let me know it. I mistakenly fed that nasty spirit and it bit both of us in the butt. I’ve been nervous about the fact that there might be another person at a new job. That’s why. I had an interesting night… God is still good, and I hope y’all had a good night.


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