Am I the only person that comes up with scenarios in their head? That’s a rhetorical question. Surely there are more of us out there. We should have a group, where we share our scenarios with others and we can all discuss it. I have a lot I need to share and get out of my head, kind of like a song. It’ll keep replaying in your head until you either sing the whole song out loud or you play the song itself OR both. Maybe they won’t get out of my head until I finally discuss them out loud. I know that’s a long shot and plus I wouldn’t be down for sharing with anyone because they might think I’m crazy. Let me share a little bit of the gist for ya. I have this “dating” app called MeetMe… I haven’t been using it for a little bit mainly because well, let’s be honest I found someone I wanna talk to for a bit. It was flirtatious at first, when we’re on the phone it’s still a little flirty, okay, a lot flirty, but now texting is just kinda casual. That’s not even the point. Anyways, on this app, you can choose certain tags that you take interest in or to show your personality a little more like if you’re Religious you’d use that one for your profile, or my two favorites Dogs and Military. I always come up with scenarios that I’d meet a guy either in the military like active duty or a veteran. I know, typical… I don’t care. I LOVE a guy in a uniform or one who used to rock one. We would fall in love via social media, which is this day in age kind of love factor. We would fall in love and run off and get married. I personally don’t see kids in my future, so we would just focus on us and what we want. I’m willing to admit that I’m a selfish person and that I wouldn’t want to have a kid because I want to do a lot of stuff and see the world. I have a bucket list that I plan on fulfilling as well. Having kids is for people who want a family, but I just don’t think I could see myself as a parent. My mother always says, it’s not about your plan, it’s about God’s plan for you. Sure, yeah… But like really. It wold take A LOT to get me to want children. SO on that note, we would have the rest of our lives to check off everything we’ve always wanted to do. I’d move to wherever they were because I have been wanting to move from my small town. I’m ready to move any given time.

I know what you’re thinking, this girl is crazy. Maybe I am, but oh well. I’ve got God on my side ladies and gents. He’ll guide me through it all. I know that like 100% of this might not ever happen but the optimist side of me wants to believe it can. You never know. But what are the chances of all of this happening. I mean I’d be willing compromise. We can adopt…….. A rescue dog. Or like 10. Either or. I’d settle for 3. Isn’t it crazy to think that there’s someone out there that doesn’t want kids. I’m 20 and my mind hasn’t changed since I was 10. That’s 10 years of that. I mean, that’s pretty strong ya know. From all of this, I guess you can say that I feel a little guilty for not wanting little minions running around the house. But the bigger picture I see, it’s a cruel world out there. Drugs are skyrocketing and so are murders. The bible also says that in the end times, good things shall be bad, and bad things shall be good. It’s in Revelations. I wouldn’t want my kids growing up thinking something is good even though morally it’s bad. I wouldn’t want to worry if my kid is going to end up being either a stripper or a prostitute addicted to drugs and possibly selling themselves for their addictions. I wouldn’t want my kids going through hell on earth. Of course if I ever do end up pregnant, I would follow through with it and stick it out. Maybe I would meet the right guy who would help me want to have babies with him.  Second there are people in this world who are psycho and find their victims online, so I can never know if they’d be either crazy or overly controlling. And that they’d be the perfect guy. I need the right amount of laughter and the right amount of  seriousness. I’d need the right amount attention and the right amount of independence. They’d have to deal with my weirdness 24/7. They would have to be okay with the fact that I don’t want kids and in fact, let’s make it so that they don’t want kids either. They would ask for nothing but my presence and myself. Maybe a kid… Who knows, I still feel a little guilty… These are my thoughts on a daily basis, just thought I’d share with what was on my mind today.

Be with someone who thanks God for you.


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