But then this song came on.

You’ve got something I need. Yet another song I’m in love with. Why am I a closeted romantic? This song fits exactly everything. I’ll make it in life if I find that someone who has something I need. I didn’t watch the music video actually… I mostly just care about the lyrics.

Life is too short to be playing games with the ones you want in your life. Life is also too short to to play along to other people’s games. I have a hard time believing people these days because I’ve been screwed over a lot. I’m a pretty girl and I have a good heart and I found it difficult to think people would do what they’ve done. But it’s done and there nothing I can change about that. I am ready to move on. Any volunteers? Not really. Lol

Tell me, am I crazy to want love and want someone at 20 years old? I hope not. I want someone who gets the same feelings as me. I’ve been going crazy lately imagining what it could be like if I found my soul mate right now. Maybe I’ve already met them and it’s just gonna take time. I hope they’d feel what I feel. Someone as obsessed with me as I am obsessed with them (not in stalker psycho type of way or a questionable way but a healthy way “look at my babe go” type of way).

I want to conquer life with someone. I’m a lonely person and I don’t want to be lonely anymore. I’m done being lonely. I want someone that we can raise a dog together. I want someone who will climb the mountain we call life together. Bring it on. I don’t care if I’m not ready. I’ll make myself ready.


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