I was scrolling through Facebook and to be honest I am a lonely person and that’s why I honestly I have, like a dating app…. but whatever. As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across this picture.

This picture hit home so hard. I was almost brought to tears, because my whole like I always felt life I’d end up alone with like 10-15 rescue dogs. I always felt like I was and really, still feel unwanted. A lot of unusual things have happened and I shouldn’t even be surprised and I still don’t get surprised, but there’s always apart of me that chooses to believe in the best possible outcome. I will still believe in that side or at least a good outcome. But This photo represents what I want.

My favorite one is the last one of the photo…

I want to fall in love with someone who looks at me and knows they don’t want anyone else. I crave that kind of love. I crave that kind of relationship. There are some people who do really love a person but there’s just something missing in their relationship that they crave and search for (not anyone in particular, I’ve just watched it happen) and I don’t want that. Every part of me, is everything they’ve wanted.

Now I know I have flaws and that there are somethings I should and will change, but that’s all apart of the process of becoming who you want to be for that future someone. I’ve had a lot on my mind, and in my last entry… Something needs to be done, I’m having the self-reflection process happening. Would I be ready for that commitment and that type of relationship? My answer right now is no, I wish I would be ready but I am not. I don’t have my life figured out yet and I need to start if I would want that type of relationship at all. Not even soon, just someday. I need to get it together and start focusing on the life I want, and I am ready to start doing that. I’m also going to include this song on here because my GBF just showed me this song and I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG and I feel like it fits what I’m talking about. Enjoy 🙂



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