You wanted me to say something and give you advice. If you want away from her, stand your ground and stick to what you told her the other night. Otherwise she won’t take you seriously and she won’t leave you alone. Do what you gotta do, block her number, be rude if you have to so she’ll hear you. I can’t do anything. The best I can do is encourage you to go forward with you stopping her and what she’s doing.

You gotta make up your mind if you want her to have this evil hold on you and continue falling for her charm. Or if you’re done with her toying with you and using you to get what she wants.

Self absorbed people only care about what they want in that moment and have no respect or regards to anyone else.

Figure out what you want… And go for it.

Figure out what you don’t want and put an end to it.

Only you can get yourself away from her and out of this.




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