I was going on a rant about living here in this small town of mine and my mother had offered to buy my ticket out of here. My best friend talked to her parents and they want to make sure it’s okay with a couple of people first and then we’ll proceed on with it, unfortunately, they’ll be moving at the end of July which is why I wanted to see them before they left, but I’m glad to have this opportunity again around the same time last year! I’m super excited but also super nervous about getting a job up there for the summer, I’m not sure how long I am staying there but I hope it’s going to be for as long as I can. I’m not sure how everything is going to go, but I’m super stoked to be having a good summer with my best friend. I will no longer feel like a nuisance and I will no longer feel like a burden. I can’t wait to grow closer with her and have more people to hang out with. I’ve been having a rough time lately and it hasn’t been fair, life isn’t fair, I know that… But I can never seem to catch a break. This seems like I’m finally catching a break. I’m ready for it.


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