I got a call from my grandmother today… Telling me about a part time job. At least she came to me about a job offer than talking behind my back.

I think all of my family on my mothers side have been talking about me not having a job right now. I KNOW I NEED A JOB. If y’all would care to ask, you’d know WHY I DON’T HAVE A JOB! This town has taken my motivation away and it’s driving me insane. They didn’t care to ask nor have they asked.

I got an offer from my best friend to stay with her and she talked to her parents, she said they’re praying about it and are willing (if the answer is yes) to take me to and from work. I’ve ever been so motivated to GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE. It hasn’t been like that since I have been back home… I really hope they let me stay with them until they move… then I have my big trip to go on at the end of July.

This is a big opportunity for me and I really want this to work out; because if I stay here any longer… I don’t even want to think about staying here anymore. I want out of here and I want people to stop talking behind my back about my needing a job, and be adults and talk about TO MY FACE. I’m so over this town and I am so over the people too, including my family that won’t come to me like an adult and whisper behind my back and make it seem like I am not making it in life and am a huge burden.


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